ACCG Lifelong Learning Academy

CORE Certification

This is the foundation for your education as a commissioner. It includes 66 hours of required courses and upon completion commissioners achieve the status of "Certified County Commissioner” and are eligible for a $100 monthly stipend from their county. County staff achieve the status of “Certified County Official” upon completion of CORE classes. The nine (9) courses that are required for core certification are: County Government 101, County Government Finance, County Government Law, Economic Development, Ethics, Human Resources, Property Appraisal and Taxation, Public Safety and Public Health and a two-day Leadership Institute.

Specialty Track Certification

Specialty Track classes and certification are designed to engage the learner at a much deeper level. The course topics are more refined in scope and class participants have more opportunity to become truly immersed in the subject matter. To obtain a Specialty Track certification, a participant must complete eight (8) courses in the track. A minimum of five (5) courses in any track must come from the list of primary courses and the remainder from the same list or from the ‘cross over’ courses.

* Times and locations are subject to change. Please check current updates page for latest schedule.